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Your favorite color

  1. Currently we offer four colors:        Pink, Purple, Blue, Green.      
  2. Two sizes: 12 and 24 inch.
  3. Includes sturdy clear plastic storage tube.
  4. Fold out U-rollit poster with 30 pictures of different uses.

Add U-ROLLIT to your occupation

  1. Sharing is caring, the comfort is perfect for young and elderly.
  2. Great for self massage or massaging others.
  3. useful at work or home.
  4. perfect before yoga or working out. Just as helpful afterwards.
  5. easy to travel with, have handy on a road trip for long rides to increase circulation promptly.

What customers say

I always bring it on a hike or bike ride. Pre-condition. Recovery daily. Jan

Keep one in my golf bag to use on the course for back pain management. Jersey Jay

Forearms finally healed after UROLLIT. First time was miraculous. Bob

On my feet all day. When I get home this always helps my back. Joey

Lower back pain. Neuopathy leg and foot tingling always works! Mike

Great price on Amazon

Let comfort be your guide!                   massage rollers . foam roller. massage foam rollers

Proudly made in the USA

Scottsdale Arizona.                                      foam roller. massage foam rollers

massage rollers

Massage rollers on the go! Use anywhere right over clothing. Foam roller that doesn't need to be used on the ground. UROLLIT massage foam rollers are very comfortable!